1. Atmospheric water is cost effective, especially when comparing the cost per liter against bottled water, desalinated water, or distilled water.
  2. Powered with a gas generator, wind or solar energy, the Dewpointe® and CLOUDBURSTE® models can be strategically installed almost anywhere to provide a reliable, pure and clean source of drinking water.
  3. Unlike bottled water, tap water, well water and even desalinated water, water extracted by the Dewpointe® and CLOUDBURSTE® is 99.9% pure and free from virtually any manmade, natural or biological contamination.
  4. With the inevitable prospect of municipal water infrastructure failures over the next 5-10 years, the Dewpointe® and CLOUDBURSTE® is the only logical choice to insure a consistent and uninterrupted supply of fresh and pure drinking water.
  5. Filter replacement is simple, easy and inexpensive.